IMG_1099Hello fellow lovers of food, my name is Christy. I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my sweet husband and our ridiculously adorable Basenji pup, Kindo. He is a little sneaky sneak, but we love our little dog child.  I have too many pictures of him in my phone to count, so don’t be surprised if his sweet little face pops up here or there and there on this blog.

I enjoying being a bit of a homebody and am content to hang out with family, a few IMG_1943friends, or just myself; cooking and dancing around in the kitchen with a cup of tea…or wine. Outside of the kitchen, I am a nurse by night and nap master by day.  Before my nursing degree, I got a psychology degree that I don’t actually make any money from but use in my head every day. I would say it was worth it.  I also ‘met’ my hubby at Berry College while getting that psych degree, or should I say wooed him with apple pie. The psych degree was definitely worth it.

I have been working as a nurse since July 2013. It can be pretty intense. It is definitely rewarding but is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Sooooo,  I decided a food blog would be a perfect outlet to help me unwind and recharge on my days off.  Since I just love talking about food, cooking, baking, eating, sharing deliciousness food creations with others, and educating my patients about eating healthier; this blog, Ono-nom-opia (pronounced on-oh-nom-oh-pia) was born.

484142_10150787097124364_294481805_nNow a little more on the blog’s name and inspiration, if you are not bored of my musing yet…  My husband, who keeps me laughing everyday, came up with the name as a spin-off of the word onomatopoeia, nom-nom-nom style (click on the red link to Wikipedia if you need to refresh your memory of the word). His first food blog name idea  was pirate themed and had something to do with foodie-booty, but that one was quickly vetoed. Ha! Scott is one of my favorite people to cook for, but he is extremely picky; I am talking so picky he survived off of only pizza, bread, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, and peanut butter when I met him. He has branched out, and thankfully he loves or at least tolerates one of my absolute favorite ingredients to cook with; mushrooms! I have had loads of fun working to produce recipes that have the Scott seal of approval and those are the ones you will find on this blog. Only deliciousness! Nom-nom-nom.

IMG_1624My love of food and baking started where it does for many people, in my childhood. My dad always grew a HUGE garden so we could have fresh fruits and vegetables, and I would enjoy helping pick, create, and eat the amazing food made by my mother, father, grandmother, and best friend’s mother who lived right next door. Many thanks to my parents, grandma Kyle, Mrs. Rabon, Elizabeth, Shannon, and most recently my wonderful in-laws for inspiring me to love cooking and make delicious recipes! I am a big fan of healthy eating, and try using as many fresh or local fruits, veggies, and whole grains as possible to create healthy meals. However, I think it is important to have balance in one’s diet and life, (I tried to refrain from sweets in my second year of college for a few months and ended up caving and eating an entire bag of powdered doughnuts) so I am not above making and posting a ridiculously delicious recipe made with the goodness of cheese or butter.  In moderation of course. Mmmmm.

My hope is that you will find, in this blog, some recipes that are so loaded with flavor that you’ll want to make at home again and again, and that will have you saying ‘mmmm’, ‘oh yum’, ‘mmmhmm’, ‘slurp’.




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