Greek Yogurt Bread


Bread made with Greek Yogurt. Yes please.

This bread was so much fun to make. ThereIMG_1761 is something so earthy and natural about kneading your own bread and then seeing it miraculously rise and grow,  it reminds me of planting a a tiny little seed and seeing it sprout and change into something wondrous.


Now, don’t get me wrong, quick and easy recipes are just great most of the time, but the experience of making this bread over a lazy afternoon is an wonderful experience.  And the end results–worth it!


After throwing some chili in a crock pot, I made this bread over the course of an afternoon, and it was the perfect compliment. The Greek Yogurt gave the bread a mild sourdough like taste.

IMG_1751I found the recipe in this little gem IMG_1756of a book called The Book of Bread by Judith and Evan Jones.  I found the book on a treasure hunt at a garage sale.  It was buried among some romance novels and parenting books, and it was merely a quarter in price. I dusted off the cover of the book published in the 1980’s and decided to give it a try.  I guess if someone devoted an entire book to making bread, its gotta be good, right?

Right. Good it was.  The bread was warm and just as I imagine bread to be with that mild sour dough flavor and a nice crust.  I went through several trials of this bread to get it just right so the recipe I’ve posted is adapted from the original. I put it in the fridge to store after dinner was over, because with no preservatives like store bought bread, there is no telling how long it would be good on the counter.  It is still going strong a week and a half later. I just pop a slice in the toaster and spread a little butter over it. Wow. I also made a honey sweetened and blueberry laden version of this bread. Just check it out here: Blueberry Honey Bread.


Greek Yogurt Bread
Recipe type: Bread
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
  • 2 tsp dry active yeast
  • ⅔ cup yogurt
  • ⅓ cup milk
  • 2 packed tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 cups bread flour
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 egg white
  1. Mix yeast, warm water (~110 degrees F), and brown sugar. Let sit 5 minutes
  2. Mix together yogurt and milk to equal 1 cup and only add ½ cup of the yogurt/milk mix to the yeast sugar water mix. Then, slowly mix in 1½ cup flour until consistent.
  3. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let the dough sit for 30 minutes, or until about doubled in size.
  4. Add salt and butter to remaining yogurt/milk mixture and microwave ~30 seconds, or until butter is melted and can be stirred into a consistent mix. Let it cool back to luke warm while bread is rising.
  5. After bread has risen, punch down and mix in yogurt/milk/butter/salt mixture. Then add 1 to 1 & ¼ cup remaining flour. I you add too much flour, just add a couple more tbsp of water. Dough should be slightly stiff and not stick to hands but still very pliable.
  6. Spread a handful of remaining flour on hard surface and knead dough for 8-10 minutes. No less! Set a timer.
  7. Clean out bowl and coat with butter or oil and add kneaded dough, turning to coat with grease. Cover with plastic and leave it to rise until double, about an hour.
  8. Punch down dough and form into two round loaves. Place loaves on buttered pan and let rise 40-45 minutes.
  9. Brush bread with egg white and place in preheated oven at 425 F for 10 minutes then turn oven down to 350 F, never taking bread out of oven. Just turn down temperature and set a 30 min timer right after 10 min timer goes off.



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  1. This bread is so delicious. I felt a little nervous to try making bread completely on my own when I am used to relying on my bread machine, but it turned out amazingly. My family devoured it the first time, so now I double the recipe when I bake it!!! It is still moist even a few days old. Thank you for the recipe!

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